Hair Transplant For Women

Although hair treatment generally involves men, the hair transplantation procedure is also in demand for women. Like men, hair loss in women can be caused by certain factors and is quite common. In addition to factors such as malnutrition, stress, and hormonal disorder, the opening of the forehead area with hair loss can face different problems and issues in the head region or where your hair is located. This includes things like male pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia).

Hair is one of the most important accessories for women and difficult situations can give women the reason to desire hair transplantation.

For females and males, the hair transplantation process is performed with the latest technology with things like the Fue method. However, with the developing technology - techniques, it is not necessary for the hair to be shaven completely before the hair transplantation like it is with men.

After the location of the hair loss or the frontal hairline is determined with the examination, then the number of grafts to be removed from the donor area can be determined. During the examination and the evaluation of the donor area, the root removal condition can be determined by using the DHI (Direct Hair Implementation) where there is no shaving involved or the Fue method where the shaving can be decided.

Then, the hair roots collected by the Fue method are planted in the areas designated in the plan. Signs of a healing process or the hair transplant operation may be faster or more conservative with men.

With the hair length, it is possible to close the sowing area or the areas where the grafts are taken. Thus, people can easily resume their social/work life.

After the treatment, incrustation lass for about 1 week, the initial hair loss lasts about 1 month, and the prolongation of the planted roots lasts about 3 months. The completion of the whole process last about 1 year.

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