Hair Prosthetic Application

Prosthetic hair treatment is an application for hair problems, which is also known as hair prosthesis, wearing hair or adhesive hair. Hair is one of the most important accessories for us visually. It has an important role in self-confidence, feeling good about ourselves, and it is important in terms of psychological health.

As a result of any kind genetic problems, trauma, or scarring stress, people desire to have definite results with any type of unfavorable image, negative causes or visual anxiety. However, in some cases, it may be found that hair growth is not required. With the Prosthetic Hair application, many unlimited possibilities for you can be provided so that you can improve the standards of your life both visually and spiritually with the desired image you want for yourself.

The hair prosthesis is applied with the aid of glue after the donor area of a person is correctly calculated. This process does not require any surgical operations or inventions. The auxiliary materials used are skin-friendly and are not harmful.

Hair Prosthetic Application Steps

Measurement: The measurement process, which is done before the actual hair placement, is a very important step in the successfulness of the prosthetic hair application process.

Measurement is done in areas where hair loss is ongoing or sparse. Then, the hair mold is created according to the correct head structure measurements. The hair prosthesis production is done in conjunction with the giving of information and specifications based on the hair sample.

Placement: In the tests and evaluations made in the measurements during the hair placement process, the accuracy and determination of the structural features such as color, thickness, intensity and wavelength of a person are directly proportional with the planning process.  Experience and expertise are very important at this stage. With the help of special glue, the hair prosthesis is applied to cover the pre-measured area.

Design: After the measurement and placement process is completed, a haircut is given according to the desires of the person and the shape of their hair is designed. Therefore, within a very short period of time, a person can get rid of all of their problems with hair loss and receive their desired look without any pain or suffering.

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