Long Hair Transplantation Operation

The Long Hair Fue and Unshaven Fue hair transplant options are widely used techniques, which have recently been mentioned quite often in hair transplant operations. Unlike other techniques in the Long Hair Technique, there is no shaving procedure required or applied. In particular, it is a method that is in high demand among businessmen who do not have a lot of time or celebrities who earn a living with their image.

The hair roots removed by the Long Hair Fue method are transplanted in length without shaving. This is a revolutionary update in hair transplantation. The number of grafts changes with the sessions that are made in the Long Technique. Then, more grafts are applied in the transplantation numbering up to about 1000.

In terms of preventing the operation from being visible after the hair transplantation, this method provides fairly easy adaptability for those who want to keep the process quiet and confidential as possible.

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