Eyebrow Transplantation

The preferred application for eyebrow transplantation would be for those who desire to have an aesthetically desired appearance or if there is the need for an eyebrow restoration to protect from illness, trauma, or burning congenital developmental process.

The eyebrow procedure is almost the same procedure as the hair transplant operation. It is especially preferred by women who are aesthetically meticulous. 

The eyebrow transplantation operation is a very thin, precise process that needs to be understood.

What should be paying attention to in the eyebrow transplantation operation

When examined in three different groups, the eyebrow structure has different directions; the middle, the inner and the outer parts. For this reason, the person who will perform the procedure must be a professional in this field. 

What are the stages of the eyebrow operation?

1) Inspection and Shape

Before the initial operation, all of the views and concerns of the patient are heard. With this mind, the plans to determine the eyebrow thickness and thinness are completed.

2) Root Removal

The hair area between the two ears is usually chosen as the donor area. The single hair follicles taken from this area are used for the eyebrow transplantation.

3) Canal Opening and Local Anesthesia

Because local anesthesia is used during the procedure, there is no pain involved. Following the local anesthesia, the canal opening procedure is performed in accordance with the eyebrow drawing plan determined by the specialist. The goal is to perfect the results with the revision procedures that are applied, but if there is not a request or requests from patients, then there is no second session required.

Post-Operation Care

After 80% of hair loss witAfter the 80% of hair loss within the first month, then the 6-month dense growing duration begins. It is recommended that one must wait 1 year to see the full completion of the process. The aesthetic beauty and appearance will increase day by day. The problem of scars can cause trauma, psychological problems, aesthetic loss, lack of self-confidence, and decrease your motivation for life. As a result of these things, this procedure cannot only improve your aesthetics but also help you improve yourself psychologically.

Thank you to the technological developments that being developed every day. It is through these that process and success can be achieved and applied in facial aesthetics.

Is there pain during the operation?

Since there is local anesthesia applied during the operation, there is no pain during the process.

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