Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplantation

Our clinic is in İstanbul - Şişli, Maya Centrium. Our working days and hours are: Monday and Saturday from 09:00 to 18:00.

Of course! Maya Hair Hospital is a comprehensive hair transplantation center with the latest technology in treatment and transplantation of hair .

Hormonal, environmental or stress-related hair loss can occur in women too. In our clinic, we apply hair transplantation and treatments for women also.

Firstly, you can create an appointment by sending us a message through any of our communication networks. If you live abroad, you should send us the photos of your hair for evaluation. After the doctor is evaluated, our customer service will guide you to organize the other steps of your treatment. To see the next steps you can follow the process steps on our homepage.

No, you don't feel any pain because the procedure is done under local anesthesia, hair transplantation is a very comfortable procedure.

There is no specific age limitation in hair transplantation, but you can decide whether you are suitable for hair transplantation or not with a doctor's examination.

As with any medical application, we do not recommend alcohol and smoking before and after hair transplantation. We do not allow anything that can risked healthy blood flow in this process.

3 days before hair transplantation, we want you to quit any antiaggregant and especially smoking. In this process, you should discuss with your doctor about the special medications you use.

Hair Transplantation tooks about 6 hours. After processing, crusting is observed in the transplanted area, in two weeks these crusts are poured and a normal appearance is obtained.

You will notice that your transplanted hair is growing in 60 days after the process. After 6 months half of the transplanted hair and after 12 months all of it, grows and achieves the desired look.

Temporary hair loss, which is a part of the process in every hair transplantation, refers to the hair that lost in the first 2 months after transplantation. After the hair loss, the original hair comes out.

Noted that you will be informed about details before leaving the clinic after hair transplantation. First week after transplantation you can feel pain and swelling in your head, this is normal in this process. All you have to do in this process is to be very observant of  head washing procedures. 

After hair transplantation you can continue your normal life after 3-4 days depending on your personal preference. You should keep in mind that for the first 15 days there will be a crusting image. It is recommended to wait minimum 1 month for sport.

You will benefit from the full use of medicines that your doctor recommended.

You can easily contact to your doctor during the whole process.

This will be determined according to your current condition, your expectations and the opinion of your doctor. You can be sure that Maya Hair Hospital will find the best one for you.

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