Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is used to treat facial rejuvenation and cellulitis along with hair treatment. It is applied with the help of a drug injection to the dee mesodermal skin layer. Mesotherapy is a complementary treatment and method that is applied alternatively.

In order to stop hair loss and strengthen the existing hair, vitamins, minerals and some antioxidants are injected with fine-tipped needles developed for scalp hair in mesotherapy that is needed for healthy hair. The skin is softened by applying thermotherapy (steam application) before the injection process starts. In this way, nutrients are placed in the hair roots to feed the hair.

Mesotherapy is not a surgical procedure. It is accepted as a painless method and there is no suffering involved. After the application is done, the hair should not be washed and the chemical application should not be done for a short period of time.

It will be more accurate to decide the number of hair mesotherapy sessions after an examination. It is foreseen that 10 sessions are generally adequate after the hair is analyzed. After the examination, factors such as wet wear rate and loss rate are decisive factors in determining how many sessions should be done.

In Hair Mesotherapy with 10 sessions, the sessions generally last 10-15 min. for men and generally, the last 30 minutes for women. The first four sessions are completed in one week. The subsequent sessions are completed every 15 days. Then, supplemental sessions may be held on a monthly basis as requested.

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