DHI Hair Transplant Method

Dhi, which is known as the common form of the Fue method, is hair transplant method that focuses on the gaps between the hair without damaging the existing hair in order to perform the transplant. As the recovery process is faster and easier than other techniques, you can easily return back to your social and business life when the procedures are complete. The routine hair analysis performed prior to the Dhi hair transplant makes it possible to assess the quality and structure of the donor area and then deal with the potential of hair loss issues. With this in mind, the number of grafts that can be added are calculated and then the hair analysis is completed.

Your hair is cut to a certain length to design your front hairline before the hair transplant is done.

Like the Fue method, the procedure begins with the application of local anesthesia to the donor area. The hair follicles are then removed with the aid of a micro-motor which leaves a piece of tissue around each one. The donor area and other hair follicles are not damaged during the intake of roots.

The hair is grouped in tissue protective solution for preservation of the quality of hair grafts and prolongation of tissue life.

After the tissue solution is administered, local anesthesia is applied to the region to be sown, and the region is matched. Then, implantation preparation is completed by placing the grafts in the implant pins according to the thickness of the grafts. Grafts placed in the pins starting from the front hair line are sown in accordance with the natural exit directions of the hair. Hair stitching is completed without any damage to the existing hair.

There is a process of crusting and scaling for the first week after surgery the added hair undergoes. In 15-21 days, the shock loss phase will start and and then shortly after that the shock loss phase will stop. After 3 months, the outcome of the new hair can be seen. In 6 months, 80% of the hair will be become more to concentrated every month.

In the 12th month, the exit-extension process is completed.

You can now give shape to your natural and healthy hair the way that you want to.

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