Fue Hair Transplant

There are several treatments that can be applied during hair transplantion. Fue (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most commonly used method of hair transplantation.

FUE Method For Hair Extraction

There are several treatments that can be applied during hair transplantion. Fue (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most commonly used method of hair transplantation.The Fue method involves the examination of the donor area (the hairy area in the back of the head) before a hair transplantation operation.The operation is carried out by determining the need of the graft (hair root) according to donor area and the amount of  hair loss.We can say that the Fue technique takes the place of the FUT method because it provides a more comfortable and natural results. It is a preferred procedure because the number of hair roots taken with the Fue technique is higher and it does not leave marks on the donor area.

FUE ve FUT Yönteminin Farkı

What is the difference between FUE and FUT?

With the FUT method, the number of grafts (hair roots) taken from the donor area for the incisional hair roots is less than that of the Fue method. The second difference is that it reduces the possibility of hair transplantation because it leaves traces in the root region.

It may require more recovery time for a person to return to their regular social life if the Fut method is used. In the Fue method; micro-motor and hair fibers are collected one by one to use  for the structure of hair roots. There are no traces, incisions or scars that are formed on the donor area. In the same way, the hair cubicles double and triple in the hair roots.

Anesthesia is not needed when the hair roots are removed because there is no surgical cuts needed. Only local anesthesia (regional drug) can be used. No pain is felt during operations that are performed with the Fue method. People that receive this hair transplantation operation can return to their social lives immediately. Our patients that work with heavy equipment or in heavy lifting environments can return to work after 1 week.

Hair is one of the most important accessories for men. Over time, genetic and environmental factors can cause hair loss. Besides the aesthetic loss, the negative psychological effect does not only provide aesthetic improvement after the operation of the hair shaft but at the same time, it helps with overall psychological healing that can be observed.

What Are the Fue Hair Transplant Operational Steps?

1) Pre-operational Hair Analysis, Examination and Frontal Hairline

Before the hair transplant operation, the number of hairs that will be removed from the donor area and the area that will be sown are determined. In line with the patient's desires, a frontal hairline operation plan is drawn up in conjunction with an expert’s opinion. The number of grafts (hair roots) to be used during the operation is determined according to the need of the donor area.

2) Local Anesthesia and the Hair Roots Collection Process.

The hair operation continues with the application of local anesthesia which is followed by the collection of different hair follicles through the usage of micro-motor mediated punches that are appropriate. Hair roots are grouped after being collected and placed in different special solutions.

3) The Channel Opening Process

The channel opening process is very important because it is the stage that determines the direction in which the added hair roots will exit. It is true that this procedure should be done by a Plastic Surgeon or Specialist.

4) The Sowing Process

The hair follicles taken by the Fue method are sown into the scalp by the specialist or doctor.  Then, they are cultivated by the 2-3 person hair transplantation team. During this time, you can watch movies, listen to music, or talk.

After the sowing process is complete, the necessary medical dressing will be applied for yoru comfort. You will be transferred to the appropriate room for the the duration of your stay. One week after the procedure you can begin using antibiotic treatment.

What To Watch Out For After The Fue Hair Transplantation

It is advised to be very careful for the first 3 days after the operation to control the hair follicles. As long as there is no manual intervention, touching or impact on the donor area, there is no possibility for roots to come out or be damaged. The only drug that you will use after the procedure is antibiotics. Because of this, your social life will not be effected. For the first week, you will need to be seen daily by our specialists. This is to make sure that you regularly cleaning and taking care of your hair. If you work in a heavy lifting environment, you must wait 10 days to return back to work. If you work in a normal job, you can easily return back to work after 3 days.

Things To Watch For Before The Fue Hair Transplant Operation

10 days before the hair transplant operation, if someone is using blood thinners or medication dealing with blood thinners, then the operation should be stopped by the doctor. 

The cleaning of the donor area where things will be done before the process is really important for the quality of treatment. Permanent makeup can be a misleading effect. For this reason, if you have permanent makeup in your hair or eyebrow area before the procedure, it will be more effective to wait for the effective of these things to pass.

For the hair transplant operation, you can choose to wear casual clothes, comfortable shirts,  zip-down clothes, or exercise clothes.

How Is The Process After The Hair Transplant Operation?

One week from the hair transplant operation, there should be no scarring or cracking where the operation occurs and where the root procedure is performed. After 1 month, you can expect that 80% of the added hair will fall out. The process of hair loss is quite normal in the process.  After the hair loss, the hair starts to lengthen again. 3 months later; the hair starts to grow at more noticeable rate.. You can shave your stretched hair. The time required for completion of the process and removal of all of the hair is about 1 year. You can expect the full process to be completed at the end of about 1 year. This is so that the hair will grow more densely from the scalp.

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