Stem Cell Therapy

Hair loss is a dermatological problem that is common to the both males and females which affects our senses and affects us psychologically in terms of how it affects the external appearance of our hair. Our hair is one of the most important accessories that is a part of our body. Although hair replacement therapy is a widely used technique for hair loss or baldness, there may be cases where treatments are applied, but some cases show that the treatments and therapies do not satisfy the patient because it does not give the fuller look that patients desire.

. In order to overcome this situation, stem cell therapy is now being used in hair transplant operations and in other therapies. Stem cell therapy is a revolutionary technique in the hair industry It is now possible to reach your hair’s full potential with stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy can be the savior for all of your hair loss problems, especially in the advanced stages.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells are the main cells that make up all tissues and organs in different positions in our entire body. Stem cells can repair damaged tissues, deal with the formation of new stem cells by division, and can form completely different relative cells. In the treatment of hair transplantation, stem cells are used to encourage the growth potential other stem cells that  promote hair growth

How Is Stem Cell Hair Treatment Applied?

While stem cell hair growth uses the growth potential of stem cells to promote hair growth, stem cells are injected into the hair follicles by micro-encoding during the process. Then,  cells are divided into hair loss regions to form new hair cells.

It is necessary to obtain the root cell before the hair transplant operation. For this reason, the plastic surgeon removes some tissue (fat) from an appropriate area of the patient’s head or from the scalp while under local anesthesia. The scarred hair is sent to an approved laboratory for stem cell production and replication. This process takes at least 1 month. It takes about 1.5 hours to acquire stem cells in an advanced private laboratory. These laboratories must be CMP certified to remove tissue from a specific region of the body under the control of a plastic surgeon.

Because both procedures have different durations, it is necessary to plan out how you are going to get a hair transplant operation examination first. This takes place 1 month before the procedure itself.

The obtained stem cells are injected into the hair just before the hair transplantation, then the hair transplant process is performed.

The post-treatment process progresses at the same rate as the FUE method.

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