Dr. Nihat DİK

Dr. Nihat DİK graduated from Medical School in 1997 and he continued his education in Germany. He worked in the field of aesthetics while living in Frankfurt. When he returned to Turkey, he began working as a doctor in Eczacibasi / Baxter. began to work in our doctor, He was the main doctor in charge for 3 years. The overachieving spirit inside of him could longer resist and in 2004 he founded the Çapa Maya Polyclinic which the basis of Maya Esthetics.

Instead of dealing with the industry's dilemma and problems, our doctor decided to  to explore new technologies in the world of beauty and decided to help bring more devices and materials used in medical aesthetics practice to Turkey. He wanted to help steer things more in this sector through the influence of desire and entrepreneurs in 2009. He spend part of his life devoted to the the Maya Laser and Maya Pharma.

Since 2011, when it was thought that there would be no obstacle in the starting of the Maya Aesthetic Group, the branch and trademark became a brand in our country diligently handling its own commercial infrastructure. Maya has delivered its esthetic brand to 8 different branches. First, it was in Çanakkale and then it moved onto places like; Mecidiyekoy, Edremit (Balikesir), Lara (Antalya), Bakırköy, Caddebostan, Etiler Maya Medical Center and Hair Hospital.

In parallel with these developments, Dr. Nihat Dik spent his life in the Maya Academy, which addresses the Maya Esthetician Course that is certified by the Ministry of Education. It is a comprehensive training program that helps make up the lack of educated and expert aestheticians in this sector.

While continuing to work with love and enthusiasm, he is still actively involved with patients and always feeding the Maya Aesthetic Group brand new ideas that come from his mind.

Dr. Nihat Dik


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