Beard Transplant

In the absence of a beard, or with the sparse beard or for people with regional lack of beard due to scars such as burn scars on their face, the only alternative is beard cultivation. At the same time, the beard transplant operation is carried out on the scar area and the scar area is sown after the operation. Recently applied beard sowing is a simpler and better procedure than most methods.

How Is the Process After the Beard Transplant?

After the procedure, the first-week crusting takes place in the beard area. It is recommended that you wash the beard area with lotions recommended for use to prevent and relieve possibly scarring. These are recommended to use after the procedure. After the procedure, you should not shave for 10 days at all. You can return to your business and social life after 10 days of not working in heavy conditions.

As in the transplant operation, hair loss occurs about 3 weeks after the transplant process. This is to be expected. Two months after the procedure, the hair follicles will begin to grow again. The process takes about 9 months to complete. 

How Is The Beard Transplant Performed?

The process can take up between 1-1.5 hours to 5-6 hours depending on the beard area and the amount of hair that is going to be planted.

Very similar to the hair transplant operation, the beard transplant operation is also performed by applying local anesthesia. There is no pain during and after the procedure. With the Fue method, hair roots are taken one by one from the back region of the head and coded using its genetic structure. Later, a beard transplant can become a reality for any person by making a plan with the right specialist. It is not possible to keep track of everything because the channels are so thin. Because things are cultivated with their own hair roots, everything has a very natural appearance in the beard area and it also has a permanent beard shape.

Beard transplanting is a serious process with exact details. This procedure can take place in one single session or it may take more than one session depending on the on region being worked on and the amount of sowing that must be done.

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