Hair Transplantation at Sleep

Many people who consider having a hair transplantation experience great stress about what could happen during the hair transplantation. Some think about suffering from the pain during hair transplantation and others think about different circumstances like their fear of needles and their inability to look at blood.

Hair Transplantation while sleeping is actually a procedure where the patient is sedated under local anesthesia so that patient does not feel any suffering or pain. Some patients are still not convinced about this. In this operation, the hair transplantation is performed using the Fue method. The only difference is that the process is done while the patient is sleeping. Under anesthesia, the hair transplantation takes about 6-8 hours on average.

What is Sedation?

In general, sedation is a commonly used method in many different clinical treatments. It is the transition to a semi-superficial sleep through the usage of medical drugs/intervention. Since the effect of the drug is observed in a very short time, the hair transplantation process is started in the first 1 to 2  minutes. Thus, the process is painless and comfortable.

How is the Process After Sleep Hair Transplantation ?

The post-operative process is the same as the Fue method. There is crusting in the 1st week. There is the shock of hair loss in the 1st month. The extension of the roots continue to grow in the first 3 months. The process can be completed in about 1 year.

What to look out for before a sleep hair transplantation

If you use any kind of blood thinning drugs 10 days before the procedure, you should stop immediately and consult with your doctor. You must not eat or drink anything 3 to 4 hours before the process starts.

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